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Sep 23 2019

Possible link to DCM (heart disease) with Grain-Free diets

PPVS is up-to-date on the information that has been released by the FDA regarding the possible link to some canine diets and canine heart disease (DCM=Dilated CardioMyopathy) and we wanted to reach out with our thoughts at this time:

➡️ The correlation between certain diets and the cause of DCM has not yet been fully determined.
➡️ Although many brands are on the list of those possibly involved, it is not likely that all formulations or varieties in those brands are affected.
➡️ Until more information is known, our recommendation is to AVOID the diets labelled as “grain-free”.
➡️ There are many good brands on the market, but some of the larger, well-tested brands should be trustworthy, including
Purina, Royal Canin, Hills/Science Diet, Iams.
➡️ If you do change your dog’s diet, it is recommended you do so gradually over at least one week.

➡️ Below is the link from the FDA:

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