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Aug 13 2019

TOXIC Harmful Algal Blooms

🦠You have likely seen the news and we’ve had a couple clients ask about the HARMFUL ALGAL BLOOMS (HABs) that are toxic to pets (and humans) 🦠

☣️ HABs may appear as a thick scum layer or green paint on the surface of the water, and can be a variety of colors such as blue, green, or brown
☣️ HABs may also have a foul odor present during a bloom, especially during these warm summer months
☣️ Do not let dogs drink, eat, or lick algal scum off their fur
☣️ Wash your dog off with clean water immediately if your dog swims or wades in water during an algal bloom.
☣️ Do not swim or wade through algal scums
☣️ Do not boat, water ski, jet ski, or fish where algal scum is present
☣️ Always shower off with soap and water after swimming in a lake, river, or pond
☣️ SYMPTOMS usually arise anywhere from 15 minutes to several days after exposure, include diarrhea or vomiting, weakness or staggering, drooling, difficulty breathing and convulsions or seizures…/environmental…/toxicology/habs…

As a precaution, WHEN IN DOUBT, KEEP PETS OUT!!

If you believe your dog has come into contact with HABs, please call and seek veterinary care immediately for evaluation!


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