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Police K9s are the ‘pro athletes’ of the dog world. And, a pro athlete wouldn’t be trusted to just any doctor on the corner; neither should my partner “Ciro”.With Dr. Newman and the Partners and Paws team I feel confident that Ciro is not only receiving the best veterinary care, but care from a team that understands the special needs of a working K9 as well as his training and the admittedly high maintenance nature of his handler.Dr. Newman’s network of the top specialists in veterinary fields gives me peace of mind that with one call, no matter what the nature of the injury, I will have to top of the field on hand to solve the problem.The mobile care center concept is genius! Wherever Ciro and I are: on the street, at training, at home; 99% of my veterinary needs can be taken care of without our having to travel to an office for a visit. The flexibility of the Partners and Paws crew allows me to feel that I can get even the most minor issues handled to keep Ciro the high performance athlete he needs to be.In addition, Partners and Paws has been there for my personal (non-working) pets too. From my compulsive overeating Jack Russell, to major surgery. A more compassionate and professional team can’t be found.Thanks to Partners & Paws for all you do.

Ken Bernstein

Patrolman #58 & K9 Ciro

Bedford Park Police Department